DP2 Heavy Lift and Pipelay Vessel for Sale

DP2 Heavy Lift and Pipelay Vessel for Sale

DP2 Heavy Lift and Pipelay Vessel for Sale

General Particular

Type DP Pipe-Lay/Derrick Construction Vessel
Classification ABS
Notation ABS X A1-Derrick/Pipe Laying Vessel(E) X
AMS X ACCU X DPS-2 Self-Propelled
Registry (Flag) Vanuatu
Year Built 2010
Transit Speed 15 Knots
Endurance (Days) 45/35 Pipelay

Principal dimensions

Length (Moulded) 162.3 m
Breadth (Moulded) 37.8 m
Depth (Moulded) 16.1 m (To main deck)
Operating Draft (min/max) 5.8m/6.6m

Dynamic positioning

DP Classification DP2 with the main features of DP3
Reference Systems(3) Gyros (3) Wind sensors, (2) DGPS,
(3) VRU, (2) Taut Wire, (1) Hydrophone,
(1) Cyscan Laser Reference System


Helideck Rating Suitable for Sikorsky S61-N and Super Puma
Helideck Size Octagonal D=23M, t=12.8


Power and propulsion
Main Engines/Generators
Make MAN
Numbers (7)
Main Power(3) 4409 kW; (3) 3919 kW
Emergency Power (1) 1000 kW
Thrusters Make/Model Wartsila/LIPS
Numbers 8 Total
Propulsion and DP (2) 4500 kW Azimuth
DP (5) 2400 kW Azimuth, Retractable
(1) 880 kW Tunnel

Vessel capabilities

Maximum displacement 32,000 MT
Light ship weight 21,400 MT
Variable Deck Load 4,000 MT
Deck Capacity 10 MT/Sq. Meter
Free Deck Area Approximately 2,800 Square Meters
Fuel Oil 2675 MT
Fresh Water 1435 MT
Ballast Water 11,280 MT


Comfort class living quarters 1 man & 2 man for 264 people
Hospital Beds (2)
Gymnasium, Internet Café, Recreation Room with Movie theater
and Satellite TV.


Gyro Compass, Dual axis Doppler speed logs, Auto-pilot,
ARPA, Radars and GPS


(2) VSAT, VHF Radio, GMDSS and SSB Internal Telephone,
PA/GA system and Broadband internet with WiFi


Main Crane Make/Model AmClyde/PC-37
Type Post Crane/Revolving
Main Fixed 1200.0 MT @ 32.0m radius
Main Revolving 900.0 MT @ 32.0m radius
Auxiliary 350.0 MT @ 60.0m radius
Whip 60.0 MT @ 89.0m radius
Pipe Handling Crane (s) Make/Model
Type Pedestal Crane/Revolving
Main 40.0 MT @ 35m radius
Aux 9 MT @ 54m radius

Pipelay System

Pipelay Method S-Lay
No. of Work Stations (10) Single Joint Suitable for Pipe-in-Pipe
& Piggy back pipeline
Pipe Diameter (min/max) 4 in/60 in
Total Tension 500 MT
(Nominal)/640 MT (Max.) with 4 Tensioners
Tensioners Make/Model REMACUT/Vertical
two track, Electric.
Tensioners No (3) + (1) Optional
Tensioner capacity 125 MT (Nominal)/160 MT (Max.) each
Pipeline Abandon & Recovery/Deepwater Lowering System
Winch Make/Model AmClyde/TW-425/250
Type Traction
Numbers (1) With Optional 2nd for Deepwater lowering
Capacity 400 MT (800 MT with Optional 2nd for
deepwater lowering)
Wire rope (Length/Diameter) 3000m/108mm
3000m/64 mm
Pipe Davits
Type Portable
Number of Davits (6)
Capacity 50 MT each

Conventional Anchor Winches
Winch Make/Model Skagit/AED 285
Type Single Drum/Electric (Modified)
Numbers (8)
Capacity 75 MT Line Pull
Wire rope (Length/Diameter) 1000m/64mm


Deepwater Stinger (3) sections, 90° Departure Angle
Type Fixed, displacement controlled
Length 105.2 m
Shallow water Stinger (1) section
Type Fixed Cantilever support
Length 38.5 m

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