300P 375ft Liftboat for Sale

300P 375ft Liftboat for Sale

300P 375ft Liftboat for Sale

New Built


General Particular:
Type: Self elevating, self propelled
Class: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Notation: ABS ✠A1, Self-Elevating Unit, ✠AMS, ✠DPS-1, CPS, CRC, Accommodation Service, Unrestricted Service
Flag: Singapore
Delivery: 4Q 2019

Main Dimension
Length Main Deck 70.9 m
Width 43.3 m
Depth 7.1 m
Hull Draft 4.2 m
Nr. Of Legs 4
Leg Length 114.3 m
Main Deck Cargo Area 895 m2
Variable Load 2000 tons
Main Deck Load capacity 5 ton/m2
Helicopter Deck Sikorsky S92 and S61N
Service Temperature -10⁰C—+50⁰C

Total POB 300
– Eleven (11) single man room cabins
– Three (3) VIP single man rooms cabins
– Thirteen (13) double men rooms cabins
– sixty five (65) ordinary 4 men rooms cabins

AFT AzimuthThrusters:
– Rate power 3 x 1500 kW
– Propeller Diameter 2.3 m
FWT AzimuthThrusters:
– Rate power 2 x 750 kW
– Propeller Diameter 1.8 m
Speed 6 knots
Dynamic Positioning DP1

Main Engines Four(4) CAT3516C
Gensets each rate at
2000 ekW
Habour/Emergency CAT C18
Genset rate at 510 ekW

300P 375ft Liftboat for Sale

Jacking System
Type NOV D60H
Drive Electric
Normal Jacking Capacity 2,286 Ton per leg
Maximum jacking capacity 2,826 Ton per leg
Jacking Speed 0.9m/min
Leg Stroking Speed 1.8m/min

Tank Capacities
Fresh water 694.3 m3
Ballast water 2,468 m3
Fuel Tank 693.6 m3
Sea water buffer tank 306.4 m3

Safety Equipment
Life Safety Equipment
– 3 x 150 persons totally enclosed lifeboats
– 12 x 25 persons liferafts
– 1 x 6 persons fast rescue boat

250T LEC Heavy Lift Crane
Main Hoist 250t @ 12.3m
Whip Hoist 15t @ 43m
(Man-riding Application)
80t PED Crane
Main Hoist 80t @ 7.5m ~13.5 m
Whip Hoist 6t @ 36.6m
(Man-riding Application)
10t Provision Crane
Lifting capacity 10t @ 4.0m ~20.0 m

Design Criteria
Extreme Operational Conditions
Max. Elevated Weight 7800 [ton]
Maximum water depth 80m [m]
Air gap to SWL 10[m]
Maximum wave height 11 [m]
Associated wave period 10[s]
Wind speed (1 min at 10m) 70 [m/s]
Surface current 1.03 [m/s]
Leg penetration 3.0[m]

Control Systems
Dynamic Positioning Control System (DPCS)
according to ABS DPS 1
Navigation and communication systems,
according to IMO

Accommodation Facilities
Cabins equipped with en-suite shower/toilet,
telephone, TV and network connections.
Galley, mess room, stores, laundry, recreation
rooms, gym, Theater rooms, radio room,
change-rooms, sickbay, client
meeting rooms, offices and workshops.
Water-maker: 3 makers; 50m³/day capacity

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