4,200T DP3 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel For Sale

4,200T DP3 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel For Sale

4,200T DP3 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel For Sale

4,200T DP3 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel For Sale


General Particulars
Year Built 2012
Flag Panama
Class BV
Notation HULL, MACH, Offshore
Service Vessel, Lifting
Accommodation, ALM
Special Purpose Ship,
Unrestricted Navigation
Length Overall 156.00m
Breadth Moulded 50.00m
Depth Moulded 12.00m
Design Draft 7.50m
Scantling Draft 8.00m
Displacement 53,600 Tons
GRT / NRT 39,269T / 11,780T

Main Crane Lifting Capability
Amclyde Model 80
(1) Main Hoist
Special Revolving
– Lifting Capacity 3,800MT @ 30m radius
Full Revolving
– Lifting Capacity 3,200MT @ 25m radius
(2) Auxiliary #1
– Lifting Capacity 800MT @ 60m radius
(3) Auxiliary #2
– Lifting Capacity 200MT @ 105m radius
(4) Whip
– Lifting Capacity 50MT @ 90m radius @ ±3.5°

(5) Length of Boom To
Main Block 80.0m
Auxiliary #1 Block 95.0m
Auxiliary #2 Block 105.0m
Whip Block 86.0m

Auxiliary Cranes
Pedestal Crane 1 x 80T Pedestal Crane
Man-Riding certified
Crawler Crane 1 x 250MT Deck Crawler Crane

4,200T DP3 Derrick Pipe Lay Vessel For Sale

Pipelay System S-Lay Single Joint
Pipe outer diameters range 4” to 60”
Maximum pipe joint weight 30T
Pipe length 40 feet
Automatic tensioners 3 x 100MT nominal pull/Remacut
A&R winch 1 x 300MT nominal pull/Remacut
A&R winch paying-out speed 30m/min (outer layer)
Welding Stations 5 units
NDT 2 units
Coating stations 3 units
Stinger 2 Sections 42m+ 32m

Position Mooring
Mooring Winches 12 x VFD Mooring Winch
130T SWL first layer
Mooring Anchors 12 x 12T Stevshark
Pennant Buoys 12 units
Anchor Rope 12 x 1,650m x 64mm Dia
6×36 IWRC EEIPS Wire Rope

Anchoring & Towing
Windlasses 2 x Electric Windlasses
Anchors 3 x 14.7T Stockless Anchors
Chains 2x 95mm Q3
Towing Bridle 2 sets 250T Bollard Pull
Capstan 3 x 20MT
Air Tugger Winches 2 x 5MT


Main Generator 6 x 2,500 kW,
2 x 3,800 kW,
400V/3Ph/50Hz, 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Emergency Generator 1 x 800kW, 400V/3Ph/50Hz
Propulsion & Thrusters 2 x 5.5MW FP Azimuth Thruster
5 x 2.2MW FP Retractable Thruster
1 x 2.2MW CP Bow Thruster

Cargo Capacities
Clear Deck Area 3,800m2
Main Deck Sheltered Area 1,300m2
Deck Strength 12MT/m2

Tanks Capacity
Fuel Oil 3,400MT
Ballast Water 44,500MT
Fresh Water 3,300MT

Ballast System Capacity
Ballast Pumps 2 x 1500 m3/h
Anti-Heeling Pumps 4 x 3000 m3/h
Tank Gauging System
Draft Gauging System
Loading Computer

Dynamic Positioning System
Class 3 Redundant DP System Kongsberg KPOS
Position References 3x DGPS
2x HPR
1x CyScan

GMDSS & Navigation Equipment
GMDSS 1 unit
Helicopter Communication 1 unit
Gyro Compass 1 unit
Magnetic Compass 1 unit
EPIRB 1 unit
Internal Telephone/PA 1 unit
Radar 2 units
Echo Sounder 1 unit
DGPS Satellite Navigator 2 units
Fog Horn/ Whistles 2 units
ALDIS Lamp 1 unit


Single Berth & Suites 9
Double Berth 28
Four (4) men berth 60
Other Facilities
Hospital 1
Offices 6
Conference Rooms 5
Mess rooms 1 x 150-men
Stores & Workshops 11
Movie Room 2 x 30-men
Gym Room 1
Recreation Room 2
Prayer Room 1

Fire Fighting & Survival Equipment
Fire Pump 2 x 140m3
Emergency Fire Pump 1 x 140m3
Life Boats 4 x 80-men
Life Rafts 12 x 25-men
Fast Rescue Boat 2 x 120 HP engine
Fire Fighting and Life Saving Systems SOLAS Compliant

D-value 23m
T-value 12.8t
Suitable for Sirkosky S61N and S-92 Helicopter
CAP 437 Compliant
Miscellaneous/ Others
Oily Water Separator 1 x 5m3
/hr @ 15ppm
Sewage Treatment Plant 2 x 200-men
Fresh Water Maker 1 x 50T/day + 2 x 65T/day
Incinerator 1 unit

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