78M 12,000 BHP Anchor Handling/Towing Offshore Support Vessel for Sale

78M 12,000 BHP Anchor HandlingTowing Offshore Support Vessel for Sale

 78M 12,000 BHP Anchor Handling/Towing Offshore Support Vessel for Sale


Length OA : 78.00 m
L BP: 69.30 m
Breadth: 18.00 m
Depth moulded: 8.00 m
Draft designed: 5.20 m
Summer draft: 6.5m
Draft scantling: 6.80 m
Deadweight 3,000 t (estimiated)
Built: Wuhu Xinlian Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, China
GRT/NRT: 3,705/1,112 tonnes (estimated)
Class ABS
Notation A 1 (E) Offshre Support (AH, Tow, Supply-HNLS)
FFV 1, OSR-C1, + AMS, +ACCU, +DPS2
Flag T.B.A

Maximum Speed: 14.5 knots at trial condition at
100% MCR, at 5.2m draft(estimated)
Economical Speed: 11.6 knots (estimated)
Type of Fuel: MDO (Marine Diesel Oil)
Bollard Pull: 168 mt (estimated)

Deck Cargo 1,000 t, VCG 0.8m above deck
Deck Strength 7.5t/m²
Clear Deck Area abt520m²
Fuel Oil 1,024m³
Fresh Water 610m³
Ballast/Drill Water 1,568m³
Liquid Mud/Brine 805m³
Bulk Cement 250m³
Foam Tank/Detergent 22.5m³
Dispersant tank: 22.2m³
Rig Chain Locker 264m³

Fresh Water 1 x 150m³/hr, Desmi, NSL125-415/A02
Drill Water 1 x 150m³/hr, Desmi, NSL100-415/D02
Liquid Mud 2 x 75m³/hr, Allweiler
Bulk Cement 2 x 75m³/hr, Unislip
Fuel Oil  2 x 200m³ / hr,

Main Engines: 2 x 4500kW x 600 r.p.m, MAK 9M32C
Main Generator : 3 x 550 kW, 440V, 60 Hz, Caterpillar
Emergency Generator : 1 x 99 kW, 440V, 60 Hz, Caterpillar
Shaft Generator : 2 x 1920 kW, 440V, 60 Hz
driven by P.T.O. of ME, Leroy Somer
Bow Thurster : 2 X 12 tons bow thrusters,
Berg, CPP type
Stern Thruster: 2 X 10 tons stern thruster
Berg, CPP Type
Steering Gear: 2 x 13 t – m at 45 °-0-45°
Propulsion: 2 x CPP X 4.1 m Dia in Kort nozzle,Berg
Rudders: 2 x High lift flap rudder

78M 12,000 BHP Anchor Handling/Towing Offshore Support Vessel for Sale


Anchor Windlass: 1 x 8.5 t @ 10m/min,MacGregor
Bow Anchors: 2 x 2,460 kg, AC-14, HHP
Capstan: 2 x 10 mt x 0-15 m/min,MacGregor
Tugger Winch: 2 x 15t @ 15 m/min,MacGregor
Towing/AH Winch: 1 x HATLAPA Low Pressure double drums
3000/4500, Hatlapa
Upper Drum (Towing): 2000m X 76mm dia wire capacity
Lower Drum (AH): 2000m X 76mm dia wire capacity
Line Pull: 300mt
Brake Capacity: 450mt
Gypsies: 76mm/84mm/90mm
Rope Reel: 2 x 10t x20 m/mm, Macgregor,
Stem Roller: 1 x 6.6m (L) X 3.0m. Dia x SWL-450 mt
Tow Pins: 2 x 200mt bollard pull, Triplex
Shark Jaws: 2 x swk 300 mt, Triplex
Deck Crane: 1 x SWL 5 T x 10m, telescopic boom type

Crew: 6 x 1 berth cabin: 6 men
12 x 2 berth cabin: 24 men
5 x 4 berth cabin: 20 men
Total: 50 men
Hospital: 1 x 1 berth: 1 men
All cabin fully air-conditioned and
complete with attached washroom.


GMDSS: 1 x Furuno FS-2575 (Area A1+A2+A3)
Immarsat C: 2 x Furuno Felcom 18
Navtex Receiver: 1 x Furuno NX 700A
SART: 2 x McMurdo S4
EPIRB: 2 x McMurdo E5
Portable VHF Radios: 3 X McMurdo R5
Radar: 1 x Furuno FAR-2117 (X-Band)
1 x Furuno FAR-2137S (S-Band)
Echo Sounder: 1 x Furuno FE-800
DGPS: 1 x Furuno GP-170
Gyrocmpass: 3 x Anschutz Standard 22
Autopilot: 1 x Anschutz Pilotstar-D
Magnetic Compass: 1 x Lilley&Gillie MK -2000S
Weather Fax: 1 x Furuno FAX – 408
Speed Log: 1 x Furuno DS – 80
AIS: 1 x Furuno, FA 150
ECDIS: 1 x Furuno, FMD-3200
BNWAS: 1 x Furuno, BR-500
VDR: 1 x Furuno, VR-7000
Fleet BroadBand: 1 x Furuno-Felcom 250

Dynamic Positioning System-2 Kongsberg Maritime K-POS.DP-21
a) 3 x gyro compass
b) 3 x Wind Sensors
c) 3 x Motion Reference unit
d) 2 x DGPS
e) 1 x Cyscan
f) 1 x HiPAP Gate Valve
g) 1 x Independent joystic, CJOY


FiFi System Class 1 with water curtain all around superstructure
Fire Pump 2 x 1685 m³/hr at 140m, OGF 250X350 driven by front PTO of ME
Monitors (water/foam)- 1×1200/300 m³/hr, Jason, MM602 HJF-V-C-02
(water)- 1 x 1200 m³/, Jason, M602 HJF-F-C-02
Throw length/height: 120m/70m
Oil Dispensant System 2 x Spray nozzle (P&S)

Emergency Fire pump 1 x 45 m³/hr at 6.55 barz Desmi.
CO2 Fixed Fire extinguishing system in engine room
Fire detection & alarm system in common area and engine room

Search Lights 3 x 2000w, Halogen
Floodlights 6 x 1000w, Halogen
Liferafts 6 x 25 men SOLAS approved type
Rescue Boat & Davit 1 x 6 men powered by 25 hp outboard engine
Oil Water Separator 1 x Boss 5t/107 , 1.14m³/hr with 15ppm alarm
Water Maker 2 x 10 m³/day, Hansun, HSRO-10B
Sewage Treatment Plant 1 x 65 men/day, Taiko SBH – 65

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