Accommodation Barge for Sale 300 PAX

Accommodation Barge for Sale 300 PAX

Accommodation Barge for Sale 300 PAX

Accommodation Barge for Sale 300 PAX
Built: 2009
Class: ABS
Notation: abs +a1 accommodation Barge +IMO, Modu code 2001

General Particulars


Length overall: 100m
Beam moulded: 30.50m
Depth moulded: 7.60m
Max. Draft: 5.50m
GRT: 10,530t
NRT: 3.400t
DWT: 10.675t
Helideck: Capable for Sikorsky S92 Deck strength: 15 ton/m2
Clear deck space: 1340 m2


Complement: 300 men
Tankage: (100% full)
Seawater: 6002 M3
Industrial Water tank (Ballast tank):1260M3
Freshwater (Portable): 2115 M3
Fuel Oil (M.D.O): 1809 M3
Dirty Oil Tank: 8 M3
Sewage Tank: 33 M3
Bilge Holding Tank: 8 M3
Cooling Fresh Water Tank (Winch): 355 M3
Fwd.Anti-RollingTank: 1285 M3
Aft. Anti-Rolling Tank: 1580 M3
Main Deck Strength: 15 tones/ M2

Machinery & Equipment

Engine Room Machinery
Generator: 5 x Diesel CAT3412TA, 590kW, 440V / 60Hz /3 Ph
Emergency Generator: 1 x Diesel CATC4. 4, 99 kW, 440V I 3 Ph160Hz
Air Compressor: 2 x 176 cfm @10 bar
2x 82.8 m3/hr@12bar
Fresh Water Maker: 2 x 60 tons/day
Air-conditioned System Refrigeration System
FW Domestic System: 2sets
SW Domestic System: 2 sets
Fuel Oil Transfer Pump: 2 units
G.S and Fire Pump: 2 units
Emergency Fire Pump: 1 unit
Bilge Pump: 1 unit

Oily water separator: 1set
Ballast Pump: 2 x 500m3/hr
Sewage Plant: 1 set
Sludge Pump: 1 set

Discharge & transfer rates

Fuel Oil 2 x 45 m3 / hr @ 45m/ head
Fresh Oil (for emergency generator):2 x 3m3 / hr @45m / head
Fresh Water: 2 x 120 m3 / hr @ 35 m / head
Ballast water: 2x 500m3/hr@40m /head
Fire & GS 2 x 130 m3 / hr @ 120m / head

Deck Machinery
Mooring Winches: 8×70 t
Single Drum Electro-hydraulic Winch, 1,500mL x 52ø IWRC @7m/min – 50 m/min 150 ton holding capacity
Mooring Anchors: 8 x 7 tons Flipper Delta
Tugger Winches: 4 x 10 tons @ 15 m/min 200m x 22 mm wires
Main Crane -BoS-type Offshore Crane Liebherr BOS 14000-500 D Litronic© Max.
Lifting Capacity: Main Hoist: 500t
Aux. Hoist: 50t
Max. Working Outreach: Main Hoist: 54m (plus 9m extension)
Aux. Hoist: 59. 3m (plus 9m extension) Design approval by ABS.

Design criteria

Rules, Regulations: ABS „Guide for Certification of Lifting Appliances”, 2006 Certification Authority: ABS
Design Temperature: – 10°C Ambient Temperature:-10°C / +45°C Relative Humidity: up to 100%
Distance Mean Sea Level to Slew Bearing: about 19 meters Max. Wind Speed / Crane Operation: 18 m/sec Max. Gust Boom/Stowed: 63m/sec
Max. Barge Inclination: 2.5° Design Life: 25 years reactions to foundation (rtf)
Load factors & environmental conditions
Duty / dead load factor [-]: 1.00 Dynamic coefficient [-]:1.10 … 2.15
Trim angle [°]:2.5 / (2.5)
Heel angle [°]:2.5 / (2.5)
Wind: [m/s] I [kN/m2]: 18.00 I 0.20
Max. Forces & Moments at Slew Bearing level
Max. Forces: Horizontal [kN]: 850 Vertical [kN]: -9500
Max. Moments: Overturning [kNm]: 145000
Torsional [kNm]: 26000
Auxiliary deck crane: 2 ton @ 10 M accommodation

Accommodation Barge for Sale 300 PAX


Living space: Private cabin and annexed similar space
Public space: Officer’s mess room, Mess room, Hospital, Gymnasium,
Recreation room, Crew recreation room, Smoking recreation room, Waiting room, Auditorium, Internet room, Prayer room
Office space: Barge master office, P.M. office, Client office, Maintenance office, Conference room, Camp
– Boss office, Site manager room Navigation and Radio/Control Room Control space
Corridor space: Passage way, Stairway Sanitary space: Private toilet, Wash place, Bathroom in hospital, Ship’s laundry Provision space: Refrigerated provision chamber, Dry provision store
Catering space: Galley, Food preparation space Sundry space: Air conditioning unit room, Chiller room, changing room, bonded store, Electric workshop, Switch board room, Battery locker, Paint store, other miscellaneous stores and lockers Single Suite Room: 4 x 1 man


Single Berth: 8x 1man
Double Berth: 6x 2men Four Berth: 69 x 4men
Total: 300 men workshop Equipment Lathe Machine: 1 unit Radius Drilling Machine: 1unit Milling Machine: 1 unit Table Vice: 1 unit
Table Grinder: 1 unit
Welding Rectifier: 1 x 400 Amp

Life Saving appliances

Comply with SOLAS 1974, 1983 Amendment
Life Raft: 24 x 25 men Life Jackets: 600 pcs Life buoys: 12 pcs
Line trowing appliance: 1 with 4 projectiles & line Stretcher: 10 units
Work West: 30 pcs
Rescue Boat: 1 x 6 men with davit
Firefighting Equipment
Comply to classification and SOLAS requirement Fire Water Monitor: 2 x 123 m3 / hr Foam Monitor: 2unitsat Helideck
Fire Hose Station: provided Fire Extinguishers: CO2
Dry Powder PrtableCO2 &Foam
Gas Monitoring: provided Fire Alarm System: provided
CO2 Protection System: provided for machinery room, winch rooms, paint stores and spaces
Firemen Outfit: 3 sets

Radio & navigation Equipment Radar:

1 x Furuno FAR-2117
Gyro Compass: 1 xTokimecTG-8000 Gyro
Repeater: 2 x Tokimec
Echo Sounder: 1 x Furuno FE-700
GPS: 1 x Furuno GP-150
Navtex: 1 x Furuno NX-700
VHF: 2 x Furuno FM-8800S
SSB Radio: 1 x Furuno FS-2570
Radar Transponder: 1 x McMurdo S4, 9GHz
VHF and MF watch receiver: 1 x Furuno DMC-5
EPIRB: 1 x McMurdo E5, 406 MHz
Mini M Satcom: 1 x Nera Mini-M Crane Radio:
1 x Motorola GM-338U 1 x Motorola GM-338V
Helicopter Communication: 1 x VHF AM Transceiver 1 x Radio Beacon
2 x Aviation Radio
Walkie Talkie Sets: 6 x Multi Channel (Ex) Intercom System: 1 xVINGTOR
Public Address System: VINGTOR ETB/SPA
Talkback PA System CCTV: 1 x Indoor System
1 x Outdoor System
Telephone System Batteryless : VINGTORVSP,
System Weather Fax Batteryless : 1 x Furuno FA 207
Wind Speed Indicator: 1 unit


Capable for Sikorsky S92 other facilities Hospital: 1 x 2-Bed
MedicRoom:1 on main deck Offices: 4 on main deck
1 on B-deck
Site Manager Office: 1 on main deck Conference Rm:1
Radio/Control Rm: 1 on roof top Mess room: 1 upto 164 persons
Galley: 1
Freezer/Chiller Room: 60 m3 Dry Provision Store: 60 m3 General Store Room: 1 Laundry/Drying Room: 3 Auditorium: 1 on B-Deck
Gymnasium: 1 with Gym machines Prayer Room: 1 on C-Deck Electrical Workshop: 1 on main deck Fire Control Station: 1 on main deck

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