DP2 Jackup Vessel for Sale – New Built

DP2 Jackup Vessel for Sale – New Built

SE-350LB is a self-propelled, self-elevating vessel

used to perform maintenance. on oil and gas well platforms; It has a living quarters on board that will provide Permanent accommodation for 250 personnel .with a large deck area and high capacity cranes, the SE-350LB is a true workhorse for shallow water field services:

  • Work support
  • Storage of drill pipe
  • Wind power equipment installation
  • Platform maintenance and upgrade programs
  • Accommodation for 250 men


Hull Length                            82.30m
Hull Width                             44.00m
Hull Depth                             6.5m
leg Length                              110m
Working Water Depth         80m
Accommodation                    250m


[pdf-embedder url=”https://ijetty.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/SE-350LB-Self-elevating-Platform.pdf” title=”SE-350LB Self-elevating Platform”]


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