OSV Worldwide




AHT Anchor Handling Tug Ice B Ice Breaker SSMV Sub-Sea Support Vessel
AHTS Anchor Handling Tug Supply Jack Up Jack Up Vessel Survey Survey Vessel
ASDT Azimuth Stern Drive Tug Cargo V Cargo Vessel Tug Tug Boat
AWB Accommodation Work Barge/Boat MPSV Multi-Purpose Vessel Utility Utility Vessel
CLV Cable Lay Vessel MultiC Multicat Vessel Well Inter Well Intervention Vessel
Crane V Crane Vessel OSRV Oil Spell Recovery Vessel
Crew Crew Boat OSV Offshore Support / Supply Vessel
DLV Derrick Lay Vessel PSV Platform Supply Vessel
DSV Diving Support Vessel ROV ROV Support Vessel
ERRV Emergency Response / Recovery Vessel Seis/Rea Seismic / Research Vessel



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