500P DP3 Accommodation Vessel for Sale

500P DP3 Accommodation Vessel for Sale

500P DP3 Accommodation Vessel for Sale


General Particular:
Class: DNV
Notation: DNV +1A1, Accommodation Unit, ECO DYNPOS AUTRO, CLEAN, HELDK-SH, CRANE, COMF C (3), COMF V(3).
Flag: Bahamas

Accommodation: Total 500P
1 Man Cabin 4P
2 Man Cabin 240P
4 Man Cabin 4P

Main particular:
Diameter in waterline (LPP) 60m
Main Deck diameter 66m
Elevated Deck diameter (LOA) 69.8* m
Hull Depth 27m
Design Draft (scantling) 19m
Operating draft 14m
Transit draft 6 m
Displacement at 19 m draft 57 000 MT
at 14m draft 42 000 MT
at 6m draft 19 000 MT

Unit Environmental Design Limits
Operation area: Worldwide Operations
Location: International Waters
Summer DB temperature: 35 degrees C @ 90% RH
Compartment temperature: ≥ 45 degrees C
Winter DB temperature: – 20 degrees C @ 5% RH
Sea water temperature: 0 – 32 degrees C
Wind speed: 45 m/s (100 years)

500P DP3 Accommodation Vessel for Sale


Major equipment list

Offshore Crane
Make: Liebherr
Crane No1
Main hoist: 100 tons at 16m outreach
Max. Working radius: 52 m(23T)
Whip hoist:15 tons at 57m

Crane No2.
Main hoist: 100 tons at 16m outreach.
Max. working radius: 55 m(23T)
Whip hoist:15 tons at 60m

Maker: SMST
Material: steel
Nominal length: 39 m
Axial stroke: ±7.5 m
Max angle upwards:27degrees
Max angle downwards :23 degrees

Lifeboat & davit
Maker: Jiangsu Jiao Yan
Total 8 sets, Diesel driven total enclosed lifeboat, 125 POB

Rescue boat & davit
Maker: Norsafe
Capacity: 10 persons@15knots 3 persions@28knots

Life raft & davit
Raft maker: Viking
Raft capacity: 25POB total 28 sets
Davit maker: Norsafe

Helideck and equipment
Material of helideck: aluminum
Max diameter: 28m
Design code: CAP437-UK, CAA, NORMAN-27
Re-fueling unit maker SYPACK
2 tanks with capacity 4800L for each
DIFF system maker: MECHFIRE

Bunker station
Maker: TechFlowmarine
Capacity: 120m hose
Dual hose, MDO and fresh water
Driven by HPU

Diesel engine & alternator
Engine: Rolls-Royce, 12V32:42, 5760Kw@720RPM
Total 6 sets in 3 engine rooms;
4 sets designed as emergency engine
Specific fuel consumption g/kWh: 183 Fuel consumption at MCR l/h: 1275
Spec. lub. oil consumption g/kWh: 0,8
Alternator: ABB, AMG0900LS10LSE 5530Kw@720RPM
Power factor: 0.8 Cooling: fresh water
Lub: share oil system with engine

Maker: ABB Azipod CZ1400, total 6 sets
Steering gear: VFD electric motor driven, 2RPM
4400Kw@[email protected]@0Kn
4400Kw@[email protected]@3Kn
4400Kw@[email protected]@7Kn

500P DP3 Accommodation Vessel for Sale

Sewage treatment system
Maker: Wartsila-Hamworthy
Two sets 500POB
Black and grey water: Vacuum collection
Grease trap with heating element

Fresh water system
FWG Maker: Alfalaval, OCRA70
3 sets Electric heating
Vacuum type
70 Tons per day
UV maker: Tecnicomar, 60M3/H*2sets
Water heater: Schniewindt, 4 sets, 2M3@100Kw for each
3-cylinder type potable water tank, ~200M3 for each
Design code: refer NIPH

Firefighting system
Water mist system: engine room, swbd rm, thruster room, paint locker, galley, etc.
Sea water fire system: general service
LQ fire system: sea water
Wet chemical: galley hood
Foam system: helideck
Deluge: helideck refueling unit

Packaged by HEINEN & HOPMAN
Engineering: HEINEN & HOPMAN and COSCO
Chiller unit
Cooling Capacity: 1100Kw for each, total 3 sets
Refrigeration: R134A
Fresh water-cooling type

Maker: Enor-Otis
Capacity: 1.35 ton@18persons
Internal car size 1200×2400
Stop: 9 stops
Speed: 1m/s

Galley and laundry equipment
Make: Packaged by LOTUS
Laundry equipment: dryer, 10Kg, 12 sets
Washing machine, 10Kg, 16 sets

Gym equipment
Maker: packaged by Miele

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